Man's Face

Man’s Face

Beard Area (whole beard, or just shaping)
Top and Sides of Nose
Outside of Ear
Unibrow (middle of brow, or shaping of brow)
Neck (see explanation of pseudofolliculitis barbae)

More and more men are choosing electrolysis as the permanent solution for their unwanted facial hair. While shaving is the daily method of choice for most men there are some areas on the face that are just not well-suited for the razor—especially those areas that cultivate stubborn strays like the top and sides of the nose or the outside of the ears. Electrolysis is the ideal solution for these areas because the treatment focuses on each individual hair and when it’s gone, it’s really gone—forever! Another common area that I work on for men is the shaping of the eyebrows and either eliminating or thinning out the unibrow —think Andy Rooney—how I’d love to get him in my chair!

Ingrown hair is a common problem that many men face in the beard area especially on the neck which can sometimes result in pseudofolliculitis barbae which is the medical term for razor bumps and ingrown hair. It’s seen often on men with curly hair follicles and it’s caused when the curved hair grows back into the skin causing inflammation and a foreign body reaction. Shaving sharpens the ends of the hair like a spear. The hairs then curve back into the skin causing pseudofolliculitis barbae. Often a treatment plan combining both laser hair removal and follow-up with electrolysis will offer the fastest and most optimal results for severe cases. If only a small area is involved, electrolysis alone can be the best choice for a permanent solution.

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